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Angels in Danger!
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombshell

     I was watching an old rerun of Charlie's Angels - season five with Tanya Roberts.  There was a moment, I like to call it a "commercial break" moment, where something happened and Tanya spins around and the camera freezes on her face right before the show cuts to advertisements.  It struck me how perfect she looked - eyes wide in surprise, lips parted slightly, hair floating around her head, caught in motion - a look I refer to as "Scared Sexy".  And then the thought came to me - I bet there is a moment just like that for every woman who ever played an Angel on the show.  And wouldn't it be a hilarious to commemorate all those moments and see them larger than life in a more permanent medium?  And so the idea for this series of paintings was born.

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